Terracom's Ex.Change Project

Visitors to Terracom's Cycle P15 art installation use a mobile device to view augmented reality artwork. Photo: Dan Wendt

Augmented reality art engaged new audiences in Terracom's Cycle P15.

Now, more than ever, there’s a need for new ways to engage people in critical environmental issues. Terracom’s Ex.Change Project does that by bringing art and science together in explorations and collaborations that build awareness and inspire action. At the same time, this melding creates unique marketing opportunities for forward-thinking, environmentally minded businesses.

For example:

See the Forest (For the Trees)

Working on behalf of Bartlett Tree Experts, Terracom conceptualized an art installation that Bartlett commissioned to be a springboard for tree-care education and to advance the Bartlett brand. Terracom identified and reached out to the Naperville Park District as a project partner, which is hosting the installation on the grounds of its LEED platinum Knoch Knolls Nature Center and is offering Bartlett-led programming as part of its Nature Art Week.

Terracom also recruited artist Jenny Kendler, whose work has been exhibited internationally, to envision and create the installation. Bartlett is the lead sponsor of the project. And both Bartlett and Terracom have assisted in developing the piece.

Publicity about the project, such as this interview on Chicago Public Radio and this Daily Herald video, is a launch point for learning and building brand awareness for Bartlett.


Cycle P15

Part of Chicago Artists Month 2015, Cycle P15 was an art installation and game that Terracom conceptualized to build awareness of the importance of phosphorus and innovations in recycling it from Chicago-area wastewater.

As project lead, Terracom recruited three artists to further develop and execute the concept. It also brought together teens from the IntuiTeens program of the nonprofit Intuit: The Center for Outside and Outsider Art with an engineer from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. The engineer shared the science of phosphorus and phosphorus recovery with the teens, who used the information as inspiration for contributions they made to the project. The game aspect, and special augmented reality artwork, helped draw new audiences into the story of resource recovery.

Organizers of Chicago Artists Month invited Terracom to display Cycle P15 as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Learn more about Cycle P15.



Ex.Change is a Terracom initiative that will bring together select groups of artists and scientists in sustained collaborations whose outcomes will include a series of science-inspired art exhibits exploring the impacts of climate change in the Chicago region, and inspiring and empowering citizen action. Each exhibit in the series will focus on a different aspect of local manifestations of climate change.

While the exhibits will communicate about climate change, they will not lead with it – in an effort to appeal to and engage as many people as possible.

Nationally recognized atmospheric scientist and climate communicator Katharine Hayhoe, who is on the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is an advisor to the project. Liam Heneghan, chair of the Environmental Science & Studies Department at DePaul University, will be the science curator. Several Chicago institutions have expressed interest in participating.


Teracom Connects

Through the Ex.Change project, Terracom connects innovators and helps them collaborate on developing new ways to engage people in pressing environmental issues. Terracom is a


Recognizing and seizing opportunities to bring ideas to new audiences, and developing vehicles for stimulating curiosity and interaction.


Identifying and assembling individuals and organizations to cultivate new alliances that build awareness and spur action.


Identifying avenues for reaching stakeholders – from micro to macro strategies.


Managing projects from concept development through execution.


Learn more about Terracom’s Christine Esposito, the driver behind the Ex.Change project.





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